Call for Study Participants

I’m running a field study with a tool our group has built. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please drop me an email.

Are you a political junkie? Addicted to the news? Is your browser’s homepage the New York Times or Wall Street Journal? Or maybe it’s the National Review Online or the Huffington Post? Ever wanted a deeper look at what’s being said between the lines?

Or does the news bother you? Does politics turn you off? Do you find yourself ignoring any kind of discussion of political issues or news coverage? Do you feel like there’s a level of depth that is lacking in most political discussions?

If you fit either of these descriptions, this study is for you. We’ve developed an online tool that helps you understand political news and discussions by visualizing patterns of language in them. We’re currently looking for people who want to try out the tool and wouldn’t mind talking with us about it. Plus, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card.

If you’re interested, please contact Eric Baumer: ericpsb [at] cornell [dot] edu

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