My research has been covered by a variety of popular news media. The stories linked below are organized in reverse-chronological order, with the pertinent project in [brackets].

Interdisciplinary team examines social media’s role in framing facts, influencing behavior during COVID-19 pandemic, Christine Fennessy, Lehigh University, 11/7/2022. [Sociocultural Text Processing]

Study reveals which type of people are most likely to use — Or not use — Facebook, Ben Renner, Study Finds, 3/2/2020. [Technology Non-use and Resistance]

Data X Symposium Examines the Impact of Digital Information, Kelly Hochbein, Lehigh University, 5/12/2017. [Computational Supports for Frame Reflection]

Interactive linguistics tool detects political ‘framing’, H. Roger Segelken, Cornell Chronicle, 6/10/2015. [Computational Supports for Frame Reflection]

Quelles interactions homme-ordinateur en 2039? (What human-computer interactions in 2039?), Eliane Hong, L’Atelier, 5/22/2014. [CHI 2039: Speculative Research Visions]

Cyborg angst: 5 ways computers will perplex us in 2039, Aviva Rutkin, New Scientist, 4/30/2014. [CHI 2039: Speculative Research Visions]

Las personas que se marchan de Facebook (People who leave Facebook), Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia, 5/31/2013. [Facebook Non-use]

Study: 1/3 of Facebook users have suspended or deleted their accounts, Jim Dougherty, Leaders West, 5/6/2013. [Facebook Non-use]

Why Do Users Leave Facebook?, Cameron Scott, Social Times, 5/1/2013. [Facebook Non-use]

Machines of Laughter and Forgetting, Evgeny Morozov, New York Times, 3/30/2013. [Critical Personal Informatics]

Reading Between the Lines, Krisy Gashler, PeriodiCALS, 3(1), 2013. [ReflextComputational Supports for Frame Reflection]

Reflext: Connecting the Dots Behind News Coverage, Michael Todd, Pacific Standard, 11/5/2012. [ReflextComputational Supports for Frame Reflection]

Word choices on political issues reveal ways of thinking, Cornell Chronicle, 11/5/2012. [ReflextComputational Supports for Frame Reflection]

Cornell students show their technology chops at Bits On Our Mind expo [VERA], John P. Sullivan, Ithaca Journal, 3/13/2011.

Techie Tools – To Go!, CALS News, 5/18/2011. [MoBoogie]

Computers Can Foster Creative Thinking, Sherry Main, UCI University Communications, 4/19/2010. [metaViz]

Microsoft Making a Smarter Blogroll, Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal, 2/19/2009. [Smarter Blogroll]
Politicalspeak Decoded, Jason Mednick, UCI University Communications, 10/2008. [metaViz]
Students and Professor Create Web Site to Analyze Political Language, David Lumb, New University, 9/29/2008. [metaViz]
New UCI website decodes political messages, Gary Robbins, OC Register, 9/3/2008. [metaViz]

Peering through the blog fog [Blog Readers], Steve Eddy, OCMetro, 6/19/2008.

Blog Reading: Kind Of Like Getting A Nicotine Fix: Study [Blog Readers], Joseph Weisenthal, The Economics of Content, 4/16/2008.

Habit-Forming Blogs: New Research Into Why People Read, Buzzwatch Blog, Wall Street Journal, 4/15/2008. [Blog Readers]

Researchers peep into the bloggers’ world, Infotech, Indiatimes, 4/10/2008. [Blog Readers]

Blogger Reader’s Online Habits Studied, Dr. Dobb’s, 4/9/2008. [Blog Readers]

Study sheds new light on habits, roles of blog readers, Science Blog, 4/9/2008. [Blog Readers]