Eric P. S. Baumer

I apply a sociocultural perspective to natural language technologies.

My research focuses on the design of, interactions with, and resistance toward language technology systems. This work inhabits various intersections among human-computer interaction (HCI), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and social computing. Fully understanding the individual and societal experiences around these systems requires close attention to the technical details of their design and implementation. Similarly, any responsible design of such technologies must account for their broader human and social dimensions.

To do so, my work integrates computational techniques from natural language processing and machine learning, conceptual orientations from qualitative and interpretivist social science, and design-based methods for human-centered research. This interdisciplinary synthesis contributes concepts and tools that are essential for understanding, for imagining, and for creating, the future of sociotechnical systems.

Recent Posts

A Hat Trick at GROUP

I recently had three submissions accepted to the ACM Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP). The first was a paper to which I contributed about online policy discussion, specifically in the context of MTurk. Among other things, this paper offers some nice empirical evidence about the importance of considering opinions with finer grained distinctions than agree vs. disagree. Second is a paper analyzing how different types of regretful experiences on Facebook can lead to different types of non-use. The main take away is that it matters less who feels the regret than who takes the action that ends up being regretted. Third is a curated collection of short design fiction pieces written by students in the class I taught this past spring. It demonstrates the efficacy of design fiction for thinking through ethical issues in computing.

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