During my career, I have mentored or directly supervised several students, listed here in roughly reverse-chronological order (for more specific dates, see my CV), along with the project(s) on which they worked and, where known, the student’s subsequent position.

Not being a professor, I cannot technically supervise student researchers. Those students whom I’ve mentored while a postdoc at Cornell were technically enrolled for credit with Geri Gay, but in practice I was responsible for managing their work, helping them work through challenges, setting deadlines, evaluating their progress, and all general aspects of advising. Similarly, students I mentored while a at UCI were technically enrolled for credit with my then advisor, Bill Tomlinson.


Vera Khovanskaya (undergrad, Cornell, presidential fellow) – Farmers’ Market

Claire Cipriani (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Visualization Implementation, NLP Implementation

Mitchell Davis (masters, Cornell) – CSFR: NLP Implementation

Crystal Ngai (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Visualization and Interface Design

Sumire Takamatsu (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Qualitative Data Analysis


Gary He (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Visualization Implementation

James Kang (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Qualitative Field Study

Jinjoo Lee (undergrad, Cornell, NSF REU Recipient) – CSFR: Qualitative Field Study

Jaclyn Jeffrey-Wilensky (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: NLP Implementation

Justin Zupnick (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Qualitative Field Study -> UC Santa Cruz, MFA in Performative Technology

Annie Bai (undergrad, Cornell, honors thesis) – Perceived Performance in Software -> Microsoft Office UX Designer

Kevin Fiero (undergrad, Cornell) – VERA

Alistair Ballantine (masters, Cornell) – CSFR: visualization implementation -> Wayfarer

Brendan Viscomi (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: NLP implementation -> Facebook

Declan Boyd – CSFR: database design and distributed computing -> LinkedIn

Karen Rosenblatt (undergrad, Cornell) – CSFR: Visualization Implementation

Kamran Munshi (masters, Cornell) – CSFR: Database Design

Allison Leis (undergrad, UCI) – Following on Twitter

Chris Pestano (undergrad, UCI, UROP Fellow) – metaViz

Jim White (undergrad, UCI, UROP Fellow) – CMI

Jordan Sinclair (undergrad, UCI, SURF-IT Fellow) – metaViz

David Hubin (undergrad, UCI, Honors Thesis) – CMI

Rodrigo Lois (undergrad, UCI) – Political Blog Readers

Mark Sueyoshi (undergrad, UCI, SURF-IT Fellow) – Blog Readers, Political Blog Readers